Vodokanal St. Petersburg visits the RBS wave

On September 18, the delegation of Vodokanal St. Petersburg was guest of the RBS wave. The delegation was accompanied by representatives of Siemens to which RBS wave maintains a partnership in water loss management.

Vodokanal St. Petersburg supplies nearly 5 million citizens and the neighboring region with drinking water via mains with approximately 6,500 km and operates all municipal sewage plants.

During a workshop the Russian experts got informed about pipeline calculation and analysis, water loss management, asset management and billing processes water. As part of the presentations, the products LeakControl, PiReM and the Power-Pack solution of EnBW were presented. In the context of sustainable water loss reduction, Vodokanal is interested in working with RBS wave in the above topics. The tasks will be clarified as part of a visit to St. Petersburg.


Mr. Servov, Technical Management, Vodokanal St. Petersburg
Mr. Volkov, Technical Director Engineering, Vodokanal St. Petersburg
Mr. Pushkin, Technical Director Measurement Technique and Engineering, Vodokanal St. Petersburg
Mr. Vakhutinskiy, Industrial Automation, Dept. Sensors and Communication, St. Petersburg
Mr. Tchistjakov, Industrial Automation, Dept. Sensors and Communication, Karlsruhe

Messrs Kober, Tarnowski, Dr. Gangl, Deiss, Naleppa  (RBS wave), Wagner, Schekat (EnBW)

Group picture of the representatives of RBS wave, Siemens und Vodokanal St. Petersburg