The Company

RBS wave profile

For decades RBS wave stands for reliable and innovative know-how in engineering services. As a company of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG we make our knowledge, our experience and our capacities available to local authorities, public utilities providers and companies, to municipal special purpose associations and the industry.

From advisory services to planning right down to the starting up of operations we offer all engineering services from a single source and deliver beyond traditional engineering tasks in order to round off our portfolio with innovative services. This includes cathodic corrosion protection, gas leak detection or operational management of wastewater as well as services around asset management, to name but a few.

Safe, sustainable, powerful: These are the core demands on our services and products, made both by our clients and by ourselves. For this reason we are concentrating our efforts on our professional competence and the long-standing experience gained in the areas of energy, water and infrastructure, which are the hallmarks of everything we do. Because infrastructure means quality of life and economic power: it is the backbone of progress.

We are
a healthy, mature company with a secure and competent foundation.

We offer
highly specialized engineering services in the area of energy, water and infrastructure.

We trust
in over 130 members of staff at RBS wave GmbH, who use their valuable know-how in a targeted and effective manner.

We make
a valuable contribution to providing people with essential utility services.

We stand
for the responsible use of resources and the development of sustainable solutions.