RBS wave offers every water provider a system that enables taking a ‘closer look’: LeakControl records the through-flow inside the pipe thanks to the latest ultrasound technology. By monitoring the through-flow at hydraulically relevant points within the network a leakage can be detected and is then allocated to a so-called “virtual zone”. This drastically reduces the area of a potential leakage in the network and consequently also reduces the efforts to locate it.

The controls of the LeakControl station processes the recorded data and sends it to the LeakControl server. Depending on requirements the data can be evaluated via internet interface, the customer’s own control system or via stand-alone software. The modular system structure makes it furthermore possible to also integrate already existing measurements into the monitoring. Our sales partners for LeakControl are Netze BW, SebaKMT and Siemens.

RBS wave offers comprehensive services in this area:

  • Working out concepts for water loss reduction
  • Positioning of LeakControl sensors with the software “LeakControl Position Optimizer”
  • Web-based data storage
  • Support in the localization of leakages with the software “LeakControl LeakFinder”

LeakControl LeakFinder – Water loss monitoring 4.0

RBS wave´s LeakFinder software is the right tool for mapping the sizes and geographic perimeters of leaks even more efficiently. Network conditions are continuously analysed, based on a calibrated hydraulic computing network model. If an event in the network (leak, construction measures …) causes a change in flow patterns, LeakControl measures this data and analyses it using a big data approach, then alarms the user. The cloud-based software displays the associated location and calculated quantity of water lost. The geographic location of the leak is shown clearly using Google Earth, to make advance location even simpler.

This reduces the effort to pinpoint leaks with the correlator to a minimum.


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