Transport and distribution

Fluid progress of all processes: distribution and transport

For supply companies they are the central factors: transport and distribution They make up the majority of the assets, bind a considerable share of the financial means for maintenance, expansions and renewals.

RBS wave engineers understand this and have gained plenty of experience in this field. Our services start with the first analyses and end with the complete realization of the project. The raw material is selected depending on water quality, hydraulic requirements, geological and topographical particularities and economic aspects.

Please also see our information and offers regarding pipeline network analysis, pipeline network calculation, pipe rehabilitation and ground inspections.

 Our services in this area:

  • Inspection
  • Planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Handing over inventory of long-distance pipelines, main supply pipelines, distributor pipelines, distribution systems
  • Variant analysis in the route finding
  • Dimensioning of the transmission and distribution pipes (networks) by using a pipeline network analysis and calculation
  • As-is state analysis of the pipes
  • Construction supervision of the repair works and renewal of transmission and distribution pipes
Contact person

Dr. Esad Osmancevic
Phone: +49 711 28951-320