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NEW SmartKKS: Current protection device with remote monitoring technology and external impact detection


The claim to monitor cathodically protected objects such as pipings from a central place and to be able to make corrections to the relevant parameters if required, assumes that the network data of the existing current protection devices can be queried and changed.

For this, the RBS wave GmbH offers current protection devices with SPS-technology for cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) which are adjusted by telecontrol technology.
This technique was developed and patented by the RBS wave.

The current protection device consists of a rectifier section and a control unit,
to which the telecontrol system is connected. The control unit receives the commands from the telecontrol system, such as to change output voltage of the rectifier, and converts them over an associated logic into the desired adjusting steps. The telecontrol system transmits the respective status information to the control center with respect to the current operating state of the current protection device.

The control unit is designed in an innovative SPS-technology and can be combined with any remote system that has distinct control signals. Due to the high flexibility of modern SPS-modules the control signals don’t have to complied with any specific technical requirements.

But even without the connection with a telecontrol system this current protection device type provides many tangible benefits: Because the controller has a DCF-synchronization unit, the current protection device, in connection with the integrated DCF antenna, can be synchronously clocked without the installation of an external clock device.

The control unit may perform other complicated tasks besides the control of the output voltage. These include automatic current limiting, which prevents the overload of the rectifier unit and at the same time maintains the cathodic corrosion protection, as well as a prescreening before the used telecontrol sensor to reduce the failure rates due to surge damages.

A digital control panel allows a fast on-site monitoring of the device status – even for staff from different departments – or the manual correction of the output voltage by the professional. Since the current protection device is able to save downtimes, they can be retrieved locally. Therefore you gain a complete overview of the operation of the current protection device with non-telecontrol monitored CCP systems.

All current protection device types transact the manual or telecontrol commands to change the output voltage in 64 steps. This guarantees that the product range of the RBS wave GmbH provides for each piping system a proper current protection device which can be adjusted so that your cathodic protection works perfectly.

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